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About the FIU

The Isle of Man Financial Intelligence Unit is part of the Egmont Group of FIUs - they have produced an excellent video about what an FIU is and does- 

The Isle of Man Financial Intelligence Unit:-

  • Acts as the Island's national centre for the receipt and analysis of Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR's) and other information from both regulated industries and the wider public, and domestic and overseas law enforcement agencies in regards to money laundering (ML) and terrorism financing (TF). The FIU can disseminate intelligence both spontaneously and upon request.
  • Proactively develop intelligence packages and disseminates these to law enforcement, revenue, regulatory and other partner agencies in the Isle of Man and overseas.
  • Identifies and promotes the legislative and policy changes required to ensure that the Island's laws prevent the Island from being used for national and cross border financial crime and terrorism financing.
  • Works with the Island's regulators and Government departments, the Island's financial services industry and relevant non-financial sectors, to increase awareness and compliance with anti-money laundering procedures and procedures to combat terrorist financing in order to protect the Island's reputation as a well regulated and responsible international financial centre.
  • Represents the Isle of Man at international Money Laundering and Terrorism forums such as the Egmont group, participating in and contributing to the stated aims of the forums.
  • In all of the above, ensures that all Financial Intelligence activity undertaken by the Unit meets the FATF/Egmont standards and recommended best practices and procedures.

We do not investigate financial crime. If you are the victim of a financial crime then you should report the matter to the Isle of Man Constabulary at Police Headquarters on +44 1624 631212.