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Guidance for making SARs (and Other Disclosures) to the FIU

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The Isle of Man FIU is pleased to present “Guidance for making SARs (and Other Disclosures) to the FIU”.

This ‘living’ guidance is to assist persons submitting suspicious activity reports and other information (including the FIU Act and Sanctions disclosures) to the IoM FIU. It complements the relevant sections of the AML & CFT Handbook issued by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and the guidance in relation to the Gambling (AML / CFT) Code issued by the Gambling Supervision Commission.

It will be refreshed on a regular basis based on new typologies, case studies and feedback from the various industry sectors.

As part of this engagement, in the next week a video will be released explaining the ‘Top 3’ thoughts from the guidance. The following week, on Wednesday 15th July 2020 @ 1145hrs – we’ll be hosting a Live Q&A with FIU Representatives - this will give you the opportunity to ask questions of the team on the video and the guidance as a whole.

This marks the start of a new chapter in FIU engagement, moving towards what is hoped to be a successful webinar platform – we encourage feedback and topic suggestions to, or on our social media platforms - -