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Two Factor Authentication

Why should I use 2SV?

Passwords can be stolen by cyber criminals, potentially giving them access to your online accounts. However, accounts that have been set up to use 2SV will require an extra check, so even if a criminal knows your password, they won't be able to access your accounts.

The NCSC recommends that you set up 2SV on your 'important' accounts; these will typically be the 'high value' accounts that protect things that you really care about, and would cause the most harm to you if the passwords to access these accounts were stolen. You should also use it for your email, as criminals with access to your inbox can use it to reset passwords on your other accounts.

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Using 2 Factor Authentication for the first time

When you first login to Themis the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Prompt will appear, similar to the screenshot below -


2FA Screenshot


 This barcode will be unique to your account, and is time sensitive. You will need to download an authenticator app from your app store on your mobile phone, or use a service such as Authy to continue setting up 2FA.

Once your barcode is scanned by your selected App, it should show a 6 digit code that resets on a time basis. Click on 'Login using Two-Factor Authentication', then re-login with your password and enter the code in the following box.

 You will then be directed to the home screen as usual.


Continued Use

Once setup, each time you login, your code will be requested from your phone or authenticating device. Just enter your username and password, then enter the generated code.



If you wish to disable your 2-Factor Authentication, simply login, goto 'Account Admin.' and select 'Disable Two-Factor Authentication'.

If you re-enable it, you may have to remove the account from your authenticating device / phone and re-add it via the newly generated QR Code.

I've lost / broken my phone, what can I do?

The Themis Support Officer at the FIU can disable the requirement for 2FA on your account if required, or reset it to force your account to re-present a QR Code. Please email for further support.


I want to make this compulsory for all my users - can I?

Absolutely! As an MLRO you can ask the FIU to enable it for your organisation, so your staff have to utilise 2FA for the data. Just email with the request.