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Bulk Upload / Disclosure Imports

JSON Disclosure Imports

Themis now supports the upload of disclosures to the FIU through a JSON based file. This enables a 'bulk upload' of data to the FIU to reduce the time taken by disclosing institutions in data entry.

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is a text format for storing and transporting data. More information is available here -

This functionality is accessed from the 'Disclosure Imports' tab within the MLRO portal of Themis.

Disclosure Import Screen

At the bottom right of this tab, you will see four options - 

JSON Buttons

The 'Download Sample' button enables you to download a working JSON file to compare it to exports from your internal system for development purposes.

The 'Download Schema' button gives you the 'descriptions' for the JSON document - think of it as a vocabulary that enables you to see the options available for submission. For example, you can see below where the schema defines the acceptable options for the 'Legislation' field.

Schema Screenshot

There must be one JSON file to one Disclosure. The 'Upload File' button enables you to upload a JSON file OR a ZIPed (compressed) set of multiple JSON files.

Using a zipped file of JSONs enables multiple uploads to be undertaken at the same time.

You will see each JSON file appear in the table - whilst processing the files Themis will display the Status of 'Pending'. You can click 'Refresh' to refresh this status.

Once processed, the status will change to either 'Failed' or 'Successful'

Details of JSON Upload

  • Failed - The details box will provide a link to 'View Details' click on this to see what has caused the JSON import to fail - this is usually a syntax error within JSON - any queries please raise with the FIU directly.
  • Successful - The details box will provide a link to the relevant disclosure - with a 'DISC' reference number. Click on this link to verify it is correct, and to Submit the disclosure in line with previous guidance. This will also give you the option to submit supporting documentation and any further information not included in the JSON file. It is possible to submit a JSON with just subject details, and then enter the Disclosure 'as normal' to complete the rest of the information.

It is important to note, that merely uploading JSON files to Themis will not 'Submit' them, you must click in each one, verify the information and then click on the 'Submit to FIU' button to complete the submission.