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Creating & Submitting a Disclosure

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Creating & Submitting a Disclosure

The creating and submitting a disclosure is the core purpose of the Themis system, the FIU receives almost 2000 disclosures from industry each year.

The FIU requires as much information and detail on the subjects of the disclosure - this is to enable us to match them against other entities in our database.

Unless you are disclosing on them directly, we do not need nominee directors or employees of the disclosing organisations added as subjects to companies (Directors / Company Secretaries etc).

Adding the Primary/Main Subject

Creating a Disclosure

Adding Officials of Organisations

Adding Account Information

Transaction Tab

Reason For Suspicion and Other Information Tab

Attachments Tab

Consent Request Tab

Submitting the Disclosure to the FIU

Updating an Existing Disclosure/Subsequent Consent Requests & Archiving a Record