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Disclosure Report Tab

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Disclosure Report Tab

This Tab allows you to search for all your Disclosures from the top section of the screen and the bottom half of the screen shows the results. The default settings show the first 10 of all the un-archived Disclosures relating to the entity you are logged in under.

To find out the total number of Disclosures, click on the ‘Row Count On’ button.

To display more than 10 records click on icons in the right hand corner of the results screen(see below image).

1. Records that have unread correspondence on cannot be tagged and archived until that correspondence has been read.

2. Archiving Results – Click on the ‘Tag’ boxes – this will tick/select them, then click on ‘Archive Tagged Records’. More than one can be ticked at a time.

Note: It is possible to archive Disclosures in order to reduce the number of results showing on the screen. Archived Disclosures are not initially visible, it is necessary to modify the Search Criteria to include Archived Reports to view Disclosures which have been archived.

3. To unarchive one or more notices:

  • Search for all Disclosures with ‘Yes’ selected in the ‘Include Archived Reports’ field.
  • Select the checkbox(es) next to the Disclosure(s) to unarchive.
  • Click ‘Unarchive Tagged Records’

Note: When a user archives or un-archives a notice, it will become archived or un-archived for all users of the currently represented organisation, regardless of whether they have read it or not.

4. ‘New’ Button allows you to copy an existing Disclosure so avoiding the need to re-add duplicate information from the original. It must not be used to update an existing Disclosure.

5. Print Button allows you to print a copy of your Disclosure.

6. ‘Add New Disclosure’ Button. Click this to add a new Disclosure. It must not be used to update an existing Disclosure. Before adding a new Disclosure you will need to select a category for the main/primary subject of the Disclosure from the <---Select---> field.

7. 'View' button allows you to view the selected record

Remaining Tabs

The Advisory Notices, Guidance & Legislation, Notice Board and Change Password Tabs all contain similar general functionality and operate in the same way as the Home & Disclosure Record Tabs.