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Remaining Tabs

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Remaining Tabs

Advisory Notices

Advisory Notices distributed by the FIU to your organisation will be listed on the Advisory Notices Tab.

Note: Any Advisory Notices which were distributed prior to you beginning to represent the Organisation will not appear in your Advisory Notices list.

The system will inform you by email notification that a new Advisory Notice has been issued by the FIU direct to your email contact address.

Advisory Notices results can be searched, sorted and archived/unarchived as required.

Guidance & Legislation

The Guidance & Legislation Tab will contain documentation and information for use by the users of the MLRO Portal. This information will be posted to the system by the FIU and you will receive an email notification when new Guidance & Legislation is available.

In order to view any of these documents simply click on the document name and this will give you the option to open or save the document.

Notice Board

The Notice Board will contain notices submitted by the FIU for the information of users of the MLRO Portal. A Notice may contain general information for all users or information specific to your organisation.

When a new Notice is distributed by the FIU to your organisation, all MLRO portal users currently representing your organisation will receive email notification advising that a notice has been posted for your attention.

Change Password

Enter your current password.

Enter and repeat your new password. Your new password must contain a minimum of 8 characters, containing both letters and numbers and must not be the same as any of your 5 most recent passwords.

Click on ‘Save’ to save the new password (or ‘reset’ if you wish to re-enter details).

Logging Off

To log off from the system select either the ‘Logoff’ button next to your username or the ‘Exit’ button on any screen with a blue banner.