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Responding to Section 18s and other Notices

Section 18’s and other Notices from the FIU

Themis is now the preferred method of delivery from the FIU for Section 18 Requests to industry and other notices. It will also be the primary method of submitting information back to the FIU.

You will receive an email notifying you of a recent notice – prompting you to login to Themis –

A new Advisory Notice has been issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit for the attention of:

*Your Organisation*

The FIU Reference is 17 07 125 and the letter reference is 21 03 174.

Please do not reply to this message, which has been sent from an unattended mailbox. If you have questions please contact via or you may also call us at +44 (0) 1624 686000.

When you login you’ll see the list of unread notices in the first screen –

Clicking on ‘View’ allows you to go straight to the notice.

Towards the bottom, you will see the date the information is required to be supplied to [1], the officer who has requested the information, and the supervising officer authorising the request [2].

In the bottom right, there are buttons allowing you to Exit and return later to the request [3], Print the document (clicking this button will generate a PDF file) [4] or clicking on ‘Create Disclosure Report’ [5] will allow a response to be submitted back to the FIU.

Create Disclosure Report (Response)

Clicking on the button will generate this screen – allowing you to enter your own internal reference, and selecting the pre-completed Subject details.

The next screen is similar to submitting a SAR in any other manner.

You can add further subjects, or click View Subject to add additional information about that subject.

Under ‘Reason for Suspicion and Other Information’ tab you can document your response back to the FIU. This could be simply answering questions, or referring to an uploaded document.

It is important here to select the correct legislation from the drop down box.

If you are simply responding to a Section 18, select ‘Financial Intelligence Unit Act 2016 (Section 18 Response).

You can click ‘Save Draft’ and build up your response over time before clicking on ‘Submit to FIU’.

Once you click on ‘Submit to FIU’ you’ll receive an email notification confirming delivery of your response.