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Responding to Section 18s and other Notices

Receiving and Accessing a Section 18 Notice

Upon receipt of a Section 18 notice within the Themis system, you should receive an email to your registered email address to draw your attention to the existence of the request.

Upon receipt of an email like the one pictured above, you should log into the Themis Reporting System to view and respond to the notice. If you have any problems accessing your account or require a password reset, contact the FIU, who will be able to assist.

The received request will appear on your Themis homepage under “Unread Requests & Notices”.

To access and view the request, select “View”.

Section 18 Notices

This will open the Section 18 notice. In the top right of the notice you will find the date of the request and the FIU reference. This reference is should be provided to the FIU if you need assistance or have a query in relation to the notice.


The subjects of the notice can also be found at the top of the notice. This is followed by the main body of the notice, which will detail what information the FIU is requesting.

The footer of the notice provides the name of the authorising officer as well as the date the request was authorised. The name of the requesting officer within the FIU can be found in this section along with the date by which a response has been requested by.

Responding to a Section 18 Notice

To respond to the notice, select “Respond” at the bottom of the page.

Note: This is different to the previous process, where “Create Disclosure Report” was used.

This will take you to the response page, where you can enter a response to the FIU in the text box at the top of the page.

To add a document or other attachment, select “Upload Documents or Images” using the button at the bottom of the page.

This will take you to a separate page where attachments can be uploaded using the yellow upload button.

Once you have selected and uploaded the desired attachment(s), click “Save” to save your progress and return to the response page.

Up to 20 attachments can be added to a response at once. To add more than 20, add the first 20, select save, and then repeat the upload process until all the required documents are attached.

Uploaded documents/ attachments can be viewed in the “Attached Documents” section of the response page.

When your response is complete, select “Submit to FIU” at the bottom of the page to submit your response to the FIU.

Submitting Multiple Reponses to a Section 18 Notice

Should you need to make multiple responses to a Section 18 notice, this can be done in the same manner for each response. A record of any previously submitted responses to the current notice is displayed at the bottom of the response page.

Viewing all Received Notices within Themis

Received notices, including those to which you have responded, can be viewed using the “Requests & Notices” tab within Themis.

This page displays a list of received requests and notices and allows them to be viewed. Completed requests can be archived from this page to allow easier navigation.